Simple detox plan

Our body consumes a lot of energy during the laborious digestive process. However, if we do not consume solid food, our organs are less stressed. Blood and energy can then flow directly to the brain, liver, skin, etc. So giving up solid food is like taking a little vacation for the organism. He can now turn to the things that are normally neglected: detoxification and rest. Please refrain from detox if you are younger than 16 years old, pregnant or breastfeeding. Likewise if you have health problems or you need medication. If you have the slightest doubt, ask your doctor about it before starting the detox kiss.


Have you decided on the Destoplan? Then make the day easy for you. For a few days you have been listening to certain luxury foods and foods such as caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, refined sugar, animal products and grains  to eat. That way, the step of switching to raw foods, stocks, juices, and smoothies is much easier. Please drink plenty of water.

Ein Wasserkrug

During lunch

Please drink juices at least every hour so that your body is constantly absorbing nutrients, and also drink water or herbal tea. Dress warmly during the detox because you may get cold faster than usual. Take the time to rest that your body needs now. When you get used to the changed amount of nutrients after the first few days, you will have a clear mind and you will feel light and euphoric. You will have no difficulty falling asleep, you will sleep soundly. In the morning you will get up without any problems and you will not be tired during the day. And the new energy also has an external effect: You look fresh and radiant, you lose weight and you will feel fit and healthy.


Do not end the detox program abruptly! It is best to eat soups and smoothies on the first day after. And on the following days you should continue to avoid things that you avoided before the detox. Only gradually integrate these into your menu again.

Weekly schedule

The weekly schedule indicates the amount of juices and smoothies you should consume each day. If you follow the recipes, you will drink up to 300ml of juice and up to 700ml of smoothie every day (depending on the amount of water added). So just drink the amount of juice and smoothie every day that results in the respective recipe. Of course, you can prepare the drinks in advance for the whole day in the morning and store them in the refrigerator until you need them.


day 1

Breakfast:      300ml fresh summer juice

Morning:      150ml fine strawberry smoothie

Having lunch:   200ml fine strawberry smoothie

Afternoon:   150ml fine strawberry smoothie

Dinner:  200ml fine strawberry smoothie

Day 3

Breakfast:      300ml stimulating rocket juice

Morning:      150ml watermelon smoothie

Having lunch:   200ml watermelon smoothie

Afternoon:   150ml watermelon smoothie

Dinner:  200ml watermelon smoothie

day 2

Breakfast:      300ml green fiber bomb

Morning:      150ml stress killer

Having lunch:   200ml stress killer

Afternoon:   150ml stress killer

Dinner:  200ml stress killer

Enjoy another ginger shot that day if you wish.

Day 4

Breakfast:      300ml dandelion tonic

Morning:      150ml goji mandarin smoothie

Having lunch:   200ml goji mandarin smoothie

Afternoon:   150ml goji mandarin smoothie

Dinner:  200ml goji mandarin smoothie

Day 5

Breakfast:      300ml Invigorating Wheat Gas Juice

Morning:      150ml avocado smoothie

Having lunch:   200ml avocado smoothie

Afternoon:   150ml avocado smoothie

Dinner:  200ml avocado smoothie

Drink an unsweetened almond milk according to your mood and appetite (without adding agave syrup).

Day 6

Breakfast:      300ml red beauty drink

Morning:      150ml vitamin bomb with aloe

Having lunch:   200ml vitamin bomb with aloe

Afternoon:   150ml vitamin bomb with aloe

Dinner:  200ml vitamin bomb with aloe

Day 7

Breakfast:      300ml cleaning juice

Morning:      150ml blueberry smoothie with chia

Having lunch:   200ml blueberry smoothie with chia

Afternoon:   150ml blueberry smoothie with chia

Dinner:  200ml blueberry smoothie with chia