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Sabrina March

Creative mind


Christian Conermann
Team leader
but not a boss 🤩💪🎉

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I think the idea of combining sport with something good is simply great 🤩


As a community we can achieve so much and give hope, faith and confidence to other people when they do not believe in themselves. Everything is possible!


One should never forget the fun factor. That's why I came up with the idea in 2020 to set up the Team Together Strong under 7Crun. Which did not expect us to become over 200 like-minded people.


I have experienced an infinite number of beautiful stories with the team so far, which will also find their place here. Together we came up with our team motto:

"Before we fall, you'd better be noticed." 🤩💪🎉


Marion d.
🤩 Advertising 🤩

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Sabrina March

Creative mind

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I see my job as a nurse in the intensive care unit as a calling.I am happily married with a wonderful six-year-old son.


In my free time, I like to do the plotting of unique items, such as: bright t-shirts for children in the first workout challenge by Team Together Strong.


I came to 7Crun through Christian, and I enjoy mountain biking in nature with my family. I also support the team with the vision and motivation to improve our structures and the further development of our organization as a non-profit organization with my know-how.

I was born in Dortmund and live on the Lower Rhine. Always liked sports ... handball and volleyball when I was at school
Later football (not club-like)
Martial arts Teakwondo (about 15 years) started at tournaments and acts as a federal referee.

For about 16 years I have been enjoying hiking ... preferably in the mountains of Austria ...
For my 50th birthday I got a climbing course for free ... where I still have a lot of fun.

The Corona time came ... that's when I started walking (with Biggi the dog) and of course running.

I got my first medal for 5 k on July 12, 2020 for my women's run ... I've been enjoying it ever since.

Having fun / being crazy and nonsense are part of my personality every day ...... in spite of the fact that there is also thoughtfulness ..... that's why it's nice to be in a team .... which I have found who embody this ....


🤩 Team Strong Together🤩

Everything works better together 💪🎉

Warm greetings

Your Marion


Leo runners knees
Moderator podcast

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Leo is a below average talented runner who made it to the half marathon at a snail's pace. Again and again he is thrown back by injuries, but fights his way back every time with an iron will.


His passion is the snail's pace running podcast, in which he chats with guests from the running scene about everything to do with running.