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Georg's donation march for
Children's projects of the Bülent Ceylan Foundation

I will use the 50km mega march Freiburg on November 13th, 2021 as an appeal for donations from children's projects in Germany.


Participants have 12 hours to master this route. I run this in 8.5 hours. I am not allowed to jog or walk or take a break, so I have to walk hard. You can follow everything about my march on my Instagram account “georgsaladin”.


The Bülent Ceylan Foundation for Children ( in Mannheim provides your donation account for this campaign and then distributes the donations to the various children's projects together with me.


Please donate - no matter how much - because every euro counts. We can of course issue donation receipts.


Please be sure to state the intended use .

Gerog Saladin March


Donation account:


Community of founders of the Sparkasse Rhein Neckar Nord
IBAN: DE94 6705 0505 0000 0018 99
Purpose: GerogSaladinMarsch


Please enter your name and address in the subject line if you would like a donation receipt.


A simplified proof of donation is sufficient for donations of up to 300 euros. The booking confirmation from your bank is sufficient in accordance with Section 50 (4) no. 2 b) EStDV, if you submit this to the tax office together with our "simplified donation receipt" form.

Purpose (important):

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