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@ chrislaeuft2021- Mission 40 ❤️ 
by Christian Petritsch

Hello, my dears!
I'm Chris, 39 years old and I've found my "Mission 40".
Last year I weighed 105.5 kg, at peak times even 114 kg. Then in October 2019 it clicked and through the gym and counting calories I reached my weight loss goal - 85 kg - from October 2019 to July 2020. Since July I have been maintaining my weight without counting calories, but I discovered running for myself in the first lockdown and now love it.
That's why I would now like to do something good on an ongoing basis :-) and try to run a total of 1000km from 01/01/2021 to my 40th birthday on 08/21/2021 and donate € 0.25 for each kilometer run.
In order to reach the donation goal of 2108 € (21.08) I need your help!
Alone I am ONE, together WE ARE MANY !!!!!
Therefore .... we started !!!! ...... or simply donated !!!!
Donations are of course welcome from now on and will certainly motivate you to drive 1.2 extra kilometers!
Of course, every donor receives a donation receipt for the tax office.
Hopefully many kilometers or euros :-)
Lovely wishes
Chris # chrislaufen2021

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