100 miles (161km) run by 🤩 Daniel + Mark 🤩

Crazy men and their ideas 🤩 On October 2nd, 2020, three brave men from our team started an unbelievable, unique, adventurous and forever unforgettable journey 🤩 Daniel + Mark wanted to run their first 100 mile run (161km in a row) with me. Yes, you read that correctly 🤩161km🤩Now everyone thinks of them "insane, crazy, crazy, crazy or or ...". Fortunately, I only accompanied them on the bike. Quote from the two of them "Chris, we're crazy, but you go one better". Indeed, it takes a bit of courage to do the 161km bike ride with a 40kg trailer. At 6:28 p.m., the starting signal was given at Dortmund Central Station 💥🏃🏃💨

The plan was to walk from Dortmund to Lingen. After a little wandering across Dortmund, we finally got to the Dortmund-Ems Canal 😂 We took it with humor🤩 As unbelievable as it sounds, but I've never laughed so much in my life! Imagine accompanying Waldorf and Statler (Mupet Show) for 28 hours in a row and there is one gag after the other 😂😂😂

The good i-phone navigation system brought us another odyssey around the sewage treatment plant in Westhof near Meckinghoven at kilometer 23. When we defeated them together, it was fun and lively on the canal. Then it went like clockwork. We took a break every 10 kilometers to recharge our batteries or change clothes.

Together we looked forward to the first coffee + freshly filled rolls that dear Nina served us in the morning. From then on she took over, including the mobile VP every 10km. Thank you very much for that 🤩🤩🤩 Quote Daniel: "The support, helpers, family, crew, etc. are the real heroes of such a project. The runner just has to run."

After the Triple Marathon we got a runners visit from Jana and Martina 🤩🤩 The two of them had a few goodies with them for us. Thank you so much for that 🤩🤩 Martina had decided to run her first longest run that she has run so far. So far she has had a half marathon on the clock. With the right division everything is possible and so she was exactly right with us: "Because giving up is not an option for us."

So it is not surprising that we arrived in Rheine with 30km or 150km on the clock. Surprised by a mega downpour, we sat completely soaked at a bus stop. Fortunately, that passed too. Martina was determined "If I have now managed the 30km, I will also manage the last 12km for my first marathon." With this determination, she achieved her dream of "marathon". ❤️ Congratulations on the finish, dear Martina, you Marathoni🤩

Because dear Mark and Daniel are not so fresh after 152km  were on the way, we walked the last 9km together with Nina towards the goal "161km run". Overjoyed and tired, we crossed the finish line "Yes, we did it" 🏃🥰💥💪🍾🎉 together

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Natti Engmann alias Ultra Puss

Natti und Laurena
Natti und Laurena

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Machete und Ultrammieze
Machete und Ultrammieze

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Natti verkleidet
Natti verkleidet

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Natti und Laurena
Natti und Laurena

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The Corona running year 2020 ❤️
Actually, as a marathon / ultra runner🏃‍♀️ I wanted to have a completely normal year with some nice runs, for which we were already registered for the most part. Unfortunately, this virus didn't just thwart our planning. An official marathon and an official ultra took place for me. I really had to come up with something, not only to stay in training, but also to keep running fun. From the beginning of May I decided to do my own marathon / ultra series for myself, with 13 marathon / ultras coming around on 13 consecutive weekends.

So the whole thing wasn't planned at all, especially not my own 100 km run! 🤪 This would not have been possible without my friend, he always accompanied me with plenty of food and motivation‍♂️🏽‍♀️, so together we were strong❤️❤️
After that I continued to train hard, but still you fell back into a runner's hole ...

Sometime in the late summer I got an invitation from Christian Conerman for 7Crun (7 Continents Run). He first explained to me in detail that you can run as many kilometers in 9 days as you want and strength, and then enter them on a dashboard at first very interesting, but up to now I wasn't that much of a fan of virtual runs

I first discussed this with Machete🏽‍♂️ (friend and trainer) because if I did then I wanted to try it with him. No sooner said than done ... we decided to take part in the South America Challenge. There it was again, the excitement and joy before the competition! I was so motivated, that was missing so much in the last few weeks! The plan for me was to do 120-150 km in 9 days, Machete wanted 100 km. This plan didn't work out, Machete rocked the thing with 190 km running and 88 km cycling. In addition, on the last day of the challenge, we were allowed to accompany a good friend (Marcel Schöpf) on his first ultra of 50 km, it was just great, and also dream weather
Deserved 8th overall place for machete!


I actually made it to 276 km in the 9 days, and thus secured 1st place overall in my first Challenge! I haven't been that proud for a long time! In addition, I not only got this mega awesome medal, but also an extra award from my darling!



In addition, my daughter Laurena was also really sporty, she cycled a few kilometers with her bike next to me / us, ‍♀️ and collected 58 km for South America, just over 64 km for Australia, and for Asia even 96 km! 🤩 Of course I was really proud of her! For Europe / Switzerland she rode another 19 km by bike, ‍♀️ and 7 km inline skating! In her age group she was always in first place! 🥇 The medal was of course also the greatest motivation!


I myself took part in the other 4 challenges: Australia with 261 km, 3rd overall place🥉- Asia with 216 km, 8th overall place- Antarctica with 230 km, 8th overall place- and Europe / Switzerland with 254 km, 2nd overall place.🥈 Simply a mega , emotional, sporty, big and motivating event that I can only recommend, especially now at this sad, bleak and depressing time, at least as a long-distance runner. In 2020 I made it to a total of 3440.43 kilometers, I haven't run that much in a year! AWESOME!


In 2020 I ran 26 marathons / ultras! 🏽‍♀️ However, I would never have done this alone! But something like that only happens when you are incited by certain people! So folks, nothing is impossible, there is no such thing as nothing!

Incidentally, this is also our team in the 7Crun!
Until then, your ultra runner Natti alias