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Brinja Weiglein
Fitness-Food-Fascia Coach

  • Brinja Weiglein

My name is Brinja Weiglein, I am 44 years old and the mother of 3 children.


Part-time (hopefully soon full-time) I am a personal trainer and fitness & food coach.

I give trainings and possibly workshops in running, Nordic walking and walking, blackroll and fascia, cross training, tabata, functional training, etc.

I am enthusiastic about healthy eating and holistic health issues.


I also like to hike and from time to time take part in mega-cats and I have already run a 100km run behind me. ️

Jenny Mc Intosh.jpg

Jenny Mc Intosh
Fitness trainer + runner

  • Jenny Mc Intosh

I have been in the fitness industry for many years and in outdoor training and postnatal training for 8 years. Sport with mothers has become a matter close to my heart. My goal is to pick up the mothers after the birth and to strengthen them for everyday life. The physical and mental strengthening as well as the social exchange count equally.  

Now there was a surprising encounter with Christian.

He spoke casually to me on a walk and we were in touch. An idea quickly turned into a plan and now, as part of the team, I can help make us strong together.  

I would like to support the team with various challenges and thus ensure a balance to endurance sports.  

It is the potpourri that inspires me and from which WE can create great things.

Kathrin Wibbing.jpg

Kathrin Wibbing
Runner + yoga teacher

  • Kathrin Wibbing

I am a runner and a yoga teacher. For me it's the combination 
simply optimal: endurance while running - strength & flexibility during yoga
- Mental training for both. Therefore I offer yoga for runners.

I live and work together with my family (husband and 2 sons) 
in Paderborn. Due to the severe handicap of our youngest son, we have founded an intensive care service for children: Team DAVID, which ensures that seriously ill children can live at home with their families. Just like our son Julian, who shows us every day what really matters in life: death.

I am very happy that Christian brought me to the team and I did 
Team Together Strong can now also support so that all runners can enjoy their favorite sport for a long time to come.

Our trainers
"The team behind the team"
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Daniel Steinbach
Passionate runner and running Campus C trainer

  • Daniel Steinbach

My name is Daniel Steinbach (34),

i am passionate runner and

Running Campus C Trainer.

Are you a beginner and want to improve your technique? Or are you an ambitious runner and you want to get to the next level? Regardless of whether you are still new to running or you have already achieved your first goals: I'll pick you up right there and accompany you on your running path!


My running experiences?

I finished my first half marathon in 2017. In 2019 I ventured into my first marathon and in 2020 I was even able to gain my first experience in ultra runs. But don't worry, I also started very small ...

As a fresh running campus trainer C, I am full of zest for action to put my knowledge into practice!


Feel free to get in touch if you want to work TOGETHER on your goals!


Stefanie Kratz
Hula hoop trainer

  • Steffi

Hello, my name is Steffi, I am 38 and the mother of a 3 year old son. 👶
I am happily married

In 2021 I happened to like a Hulahoop tire⭕⭕⭕
I now love all my tires❤️❤️
Me and my tires are one. They are like therapy. 😇😇

I finally found through the colorful tire
  the love of sports back. 💪💪
I am going now
  jog🏃‍♀️ and go to the gym.

I've lost 10 pounds since February 2021. 
Hullern and Nutrition 🍇🍈🍉🫒🍅 Conversion
  got everything rolling.

I hope we support each other ❤️

Nicole Meyer.jpeg

Nicole Meyer
Fitness + hula hoop

  • Nicole Meyer

My name is Nicole Meyer, I am 40 years old and the mother of 3 boys.

In September 2020 I completed my C-license trainer certificate in the popular sport "allround fitness" and since then I have been giving hula hoop courses. The sport fascinates me a lot because it trains the core of the body and thus the pelvic floor very well.

It doesn't feel like exercise and for me it is also the key to inner balance.

In May 2021 I did a training course as a "spinal column" trainer and will soon be offering back courses in this area.

Nicole Huber
Hula hoop trainer

  • Nicole

🤍🤍 Hello everyone, now I finally have to introduce myself.


I'm Nicole and I'm already involved in the #faschingschallenge


. Here in insta you can find me at @ dreifachmama.kocht.und.hullert


. I also founded the @ dance.Hula.hoop.Community. For all those who are passionate about HulaHoop, whether fitness hoopers or dance hoppers. As my name suggests, I love to cook and I am a triple, between puberty and defiance. 😅

I am happily married and come from Lower Bavaria.


With HulaHoop I found my way back to sport and lost 20 kg.


I like to take part in various challenges in order to motivate others and myself constantly and to collect donations in various campaigns with which people in need can be helped.


I am happy to be a part of you all ✌🏼


"See you soon Nicole"